A Home for Part-time Real Estate Agents

As the local real estate market recessed over the past several years many Real Estate Agents have taken other jobs to supplement their loss of income. Conversely, many people looking to get into the Real Estate business have done so part time - by supplementing their current full-time job.

For most real estate offices, this part-time real estate agent is discouraged and not sought after. I have met with numerous people after they have had a face to face interview with traditional real estate brokerages. Traditional real estate companies often lack the resources & services to be able to train, connect, and lead part-time agents. Part-time agents have told me they feel like a 5th wheel when they walk into their traditional broker's office.

You see, most real estate brokerages use their weekly sales meetings to make announcements and keep their agents informed. We believe there is a better way to keep ALL agents connected.

I've also heard from part-time real estate agents that they struggle to have a place for their paperwork, a desk to work at, or access to quality training that works around their schedule. We've discovered a better way - paperless, online, and flexible.

I'd love to hear from you if you are a part-time real estate agent looking to work in an environment that supports you and your need for a flexible office environment. Email me at andy@guarantee.com , or connect with me on Facebook here.

Facebook Dont's for REALTOR's

Guarantee Real Estate's Flex Office in the Fig Garden Village hosted their Monthly Meetup and discussed the topic of what REALTOR's should and shouldn't be doing on Facebook. Here are the items that made the top of the list.

1. Do not post listings - This is the number one don’t for Realtors on Facebook. Reading about your listings on Facebook is the last thing people (REALTOR's included) want to do when they read the news feed or your wall. In fact, conducting business on your personal profile is a violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions and could get your personal profile removed. Instead, post relevant news about Real Estate to the news feed such as new laws or information about the current market.

2. Do not bad mouth other companies - This can really go along the lines of “don’t bad mouth anyone on Facebook” because it reflects poorly on you as the poster of the message. Negative messages give a negative connotation to the poster and if you are constantly posting negative comments people are going to get tired of reading what you are saying. Instead, stay positive and post positive comments.

3. Do not Spam - This almost goes without saying and follows under the first in the list of not posting listings. No one likes Spam of any kind, so if you want your posts to be read and you want to be respected in online social communities then don’t Spam. Everything in moderation.

4. Do not be Boring - Be creative with your posts because there is a flood of information being posted on Facebook everyday and if you want your posts to be read then provide something creative and of value to the reader. For example, instead of posting a listing, post a picture or video of the listing that stands out about it. Maybe it has a beautiful kitchen or an amazing back yard, take a picture or video of it and post that to Facebook. You are indirectly promoting your listing, being creative, and providing something interesting and of value.

5. Do not post inappropriate comments - I think this goes without saying, but if you are going to use Facebook, especially for business networking purposes, do not post anything that could be taken offensively. Stay away from profanity and other inappropriate comments. The most common offenses of this aren’t as obvious. For example: Religion, Politics, Racism, Etc. If you post things that are offensive you are more than likely going to get hidden, or worse yet - blocked.

Guarantee Awards Breakfast

Guarantee Real Estate is well known for the most professional and knowledgeable Sales Associates in the region. On-going education, state-of-the-art technology and seasoned management support allows its Associates to provide the best real estate services available. Guarantee honored its Associates in 2011 with a breakfast.

For more on the Award Winners for 2010, the Guarantee Good Will Network awards, and the Manager Award Winners, go here.

Foreclosure Homes Sold in Fresno in the Last 4 years

Did you know?

According to the Fresno MLS . . .

Year # of Foreclosures Sold
2007 546
2008 4294
2009 7024
2010 4692

Question - Do you know what it takes for a person who had a short sale, foreclosure, or bankruptcy to get back into the market and buy again?

Update on Guarantee's Flex office at Fig Garden Village

Andy Nazaroff talks about the growth at the Flex office in the Fig Garden Village.
Are you a real estate agent that embraces technology or looks for ways to implement social media into your business? Check out this update.

Home Warranty and the California Residential Purchase Agreement

It is important to write a home warranty into the contract correctly. It is your proof of intent as an agent, and that of your client’s, as to what is to be ordered and paid through the escrow. Even if the home warranty is not paid through the escrow, that fact should be clearly stated in the warranty section of the RPA. Any party can pay outside of the escrow if they desire to.

The RPA has the home warranty section on page two, section D-6. Please make sure you address the following information:

-Name of warranty company.
-Cost of warranty Be informed. It is always better to quote a little higher if you are not positive at the time you areaddressing the contract.
-Coverage. It is important to order complete coverage, as that is what the client’s expectation of coverage will be. In the example of American Home Shield, that would be the “COMBO” coverage. Each different warranty company has their own name for it.

“Code and Permit Upgrade” is a part of this Combo. It is important to know what is being referred to: When a covered item is being replaced by the warranty, the costs of necessary permits to do so will be covered (up to a specified limit) and a portion of necessary code upgrades required by law (up to a specified limit) will be covered. It does not mean that if a home simply has code violations that the warranty will correct them, or if something was repaired, installed, modified, etc. without the necessary permits or code compliance that the warranty provides coverage for that condition. Make sure to check to box for “Code and
Permit Upgrade”.

-Optional items Be aware of what the optional items are under the warranty, make sure you address those and allow for their additional cost. Typical optional items would be:
Pool, spa, well pump, septic, refrigerator, washer and dryer, water softener, just as a few. Air conditioning may or may not be an option under the warranty selected (it is included with American Home Shield), but make sure to check the box if the property has it (including evaporative coolers).
The “Other” section refers to optional coverage in addition to the A/C, Pool/Spa (where there are boxes to check), and those options should be itemized in writing.

Please be aware of what the property contains, and communicate clearly with your client what will and will not be covered. There are brochures to give to them, and a contract will also be mailed to them after payment is received. If they are not living at the property address, it is important to give us their mailing address so they receive their contract.

The warranty can be ordered via:
Phone: 1-800-735-4663
Online: www.ahs.com

If you ever need personal assistance, do not hesitate to contact:
Susan Renaut Britter
Voicemail: 1-800-800-8880 #6228
Cell: (559)281-6285

New office opening in Fig Garden Village

Andy Nazaroff of Guarantee.com talks about the new Flex office at the Fig Garden Village. The Flex office stands for flexibility in work space, culture, meetings, communication and more. Watch the video for more

Guarantee provides a marketing muscle for their agents

Guarantee Real Estate Agents Faye Wearin, Kerry Matsunaga, and Vivian Swiney talk about their experience with the tools Guarantee provides them to sell more homes, be more efficient, and make more money.


Guarantee Real Estate agents can offer a laundry list of marketing programs for a seller. Sellers already see Guarantee Real Estate for sale signs everywhere! On top of a great brand recognition, sellers learn that their Guarantee agent will advertise their home in the major newspaper, the Real Estate Showcase magazine, advertise the open houses in the newspaper and web, create an individual property website specific to their home, and put it on the Central Valley's most trafficked real estate website - guarantee.com.

The best part - this doesn't cost the Guarantee agent anything extra! You see - Guarantee provides all of this property centric marketing for every agent on every property at no extra cost to the agent. Whether that agent takes 1 listing a month or 10 listings that month - no extra cost. Whether that agent wants to hold one open house, or an open house every weekend - no extra cost.

Is it time you discovered what Guarantee's marketing muscle can do for you? We can talk about it, confidentially. Call Andy Nazaroff directly at 559-892-2864 or fill out this form to email him.

guarantee agents go door to door with the local story

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REALTOR's at Guarantee Real Estate are fanning out into the community to share the real facts about our Fresno marketplace.

In late August 2010, many national news sources cited that the national real estate economy was struggling to recover. National statistics included a 12 month supply of inventory and an assessment that housing may no longer be a good way to build wealth by the New York Times. Even our local paper quoted a national news article from the Associated Press that said July 2010 was the worst performing month in 15 years.
The fact is, real estate is local. The Central Valley of California was one of the first markets to go into the recession and we are one of the first markets to come out.

Month Supply of Inventory in the Fresno area is normal - between 3 & 4 months, much better than the 12 months nationally.

July of 2010 was the 4th best July in the last decade in Central California, much better than the worst in 15 years nationally.

Guarantee Real Estate provided their agents, at no expense, full color newsletters & statistics to hand out to neighbors and mail to their friends and family. In addition, many of Guarantee's agents are going door to door with these marketing pieces.

Their message - plain and simple - the local housing prices have stabilized.