Can you believe Autumn is already here?

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Dear Friends,  

Welcome to fall. It may not seem like it when it's over 100* outside but we are about to enter fall. Historically the fall is the second most active time of the year for our business. The weather starts to cooperate with cooler days and evenings. Fall colors start to show their glory as the trees turn. I love this time of year. But what do my reflections on fall have to do with this message? Well, it is pretty simple. You have worked very hard this year. Sales have gained momentum and I believe we will continue to see firming in our market. There hasn't been a better time to buy in many years and the consumer is starting to understand.  

Let me ask you a few questions? When was the last time you looked at your personal goals for 2008? How have your plans worked out? We still have over a third of the year left to adjust our strategy so that those goals can be accomplished. I want to encourage you to take a look at what you planned at the beginning of the year. What has worked, what hasn't worked? What can you do more effectively? What should you stop doing? Write it down; talk with your peers and managers. Give me a call.  

A couple of weeks ago I watched with amazement as the swimmer Michael Phelps came from behind in the 100-meter butterfly. He was behind the entire race but he didn't give up. He finished well. I saw that over and over again during the Olympics. We may not win every race, but we refuse to give up, we will finish well. We are here to help you finish 2008 well. Your goals are well within your grasp. You can do it. We are here to help.  

Have a GREAT week!