REO Secrets Seminar afterthoughts & questions

Guarantee coordinated an event yesterday at the University Business Center entitled, "REO Secrets." The event had nearly 300 attendees from the greater Fresno area marketplace. The 4 speakers were Anne-Jeannette Rankin of Guarantee, Rick Hauff of London, Scott Rozier of Realty Concepts, and Bill Pfeif of Guarantee. By the way - the video will be edited and posted sometime next week.

 I think it's interesting how yesterday's event seemed to stir up some helpful ideas as well as controversial thoughts. I heard from several attendees that they loved the information and I've received a couple of emails from those that were frustrated with the answers.

What thoughts do you have? Are there questions that you have about REO's that remain unanswered? Post them under comments and we'll do our best to connect you with an answer.

I received a great number of questions that remain unanswered:

#1) When did the law change so that all offers were not required to be presented?

#2) If I'm writing up an offer on an REO property, it seems that Page 2 of the contract is the toughest part to figure out (allocation of costs). How do I write up this section to be REO Friendly?