Supercharge your Center of Influence & Past Client Marketing

Question for you ... are there some great buys in your marketplace today? The answer is yes. Let's create some business right now. What if you called every past client and centers of influence and asked ...

 1. Do you still believe in the value of owning Real Estate long-term?

 2. If you purchased an investment property today and kept it for 10- 15 years, would you be better off financially?

 3. If you invest in anything, are you investing in get rich quick or to secure your long-term financial future?

If your past clients and centers of influence are in-tune with your thinking that this is a perfect market to buy an investment home in, select three or four properties from your market's inventory and show them how to buy one which does the following ...

 a. Assists them in their long term financial future

 b. It creates income for your immediate financial needs

 c. It gets a property off the market which reduces inventory

 d. It helps a seller who, in most cases, is in need

 e. It stimulates the economy by creating more work for the title and mortgage industry

Become a Real Estate Expert to your past clients & center of influence ... the person who creates ways for everybody to succeed at a higher level. You can do this today. What have you got to lose by trying it?