Stock Market Negative News - How does it affect Real Estate?

Hi everyone, this is Scott,

Well by now you have seen the stock market take a wild ride. Oil has dropped under $100 a barrel. Lehman Brothers has filed Bankruptcy; Bank of America has bought out Merrill Lynch. Freddie and Fannie were both taken over by the Federal Government. Hurricanes, floods, election rhetoric, if you try to understand it all, I beginning to think my mind might just explode. So, were is the good news in all this?

I’ve had the privilege of working in our industry for over 23 years. I haven’t see it all but I’ve seen enough to know that when every thing seems like it can’t go on any longer, we have come to the pivotal point in the market. Real Estate has always been the alternative to the stock market. When stocks are hot, money flows like a river into the various markets. This has taken away from investments in residential real estate in hopes of a higher return on capital. But, now the reverse is happening. With volatility in the stock market, low mortgage interest rates, bargain values of residential listings, real estate is once again becoming the secure and wise place to invest. I know you already see it happening. The fact is, that over time, residential real estate has proven to be one of the safest, highest producing and stabile investments a person can make.

Now is the time to contact your investors. They are actively looking at the bargains in real estate. Don’t let someone else snag them away from you by your hesitating. Most people have a basic understanding of residential real estates historic contribution to personal wealth. Now is the time for your buyers to capitalize on the opportunities in today’s real estate market.