Deal Doctor Show - Coming Tuesday October 21st at 1:00

Brian Cuttone & Andy Nazaroff

Hello Guarantee Realtors! This is Andy Nazaroff, Guarantee’s Manager of Agent Development.    

I know that many of you often have transaction related questions that might not be urgent, but are important and in this market, we need to pay careful attention to explaining things the right way . . . the legal way.  

Additionally, some of you have sales situation questions – what to say, how to say it, what happens when my client says . . . well . . .  

We have been working behind the scenes for a couple of months now to bring you the only tool, in real estate of it’s kind – the ability for all of us to log on and ask questions about transaction related issues, sales situations, or just to network with your colleagues on Guarantee’s Deal Doctor Show.  

This ½ hour internet TV show will take place every 3rd Tuesday at 1:00. All you need to do is go to  for our first show – which is Tuesday, October 20th at 1:00.   You can participate from the comfort of your home office, your office’s conference room, or over your sales manager’s shoulder.

Show up early . . . especially for the first show as we’ll be broadcasting starting at 12:45.   We look forward to seeing you online in less than 2 weeks – don’t miss it!