Marketing Tip - e-Mail Your Website Links to Your Sellers

Hello Guarantee agents.  Today I want to give you a Super Simple, No Cost, and Highly Effective marketing tip. Have I got your attention yet?

Here it is:

Send an e-mail to your seller clients with a message that says something like this:

I have created a web site for your property.  You can see it on the Internet at .  Please help me find a buyer for your home by sending the following e-mail to your friends:

We're selling our home.  If you know anyone who you think might be interested in buying a home like ours, please ask them to look at our web site

That's it.  Just that simple.

I believe that it is human nature for people to try to help their friends.  So I'd give you 90 to 1 odds that people who receive an e-mail from a friend that asks them for help in selling their home will FIRST look at the web site themselves, and may forward the e-mail to someone they know.

What you have accomplished by doing this is:

1.  Reminded your seller that you are working hard to get their home sold by creating a professional web site and thinking of every angle to bring it to the attention of potential buyers.

2.    Possibly created a contact with a buyer for this listing or another property.

3.  And last but certainly not least, built name recognition with your client's friends.  And let me ask you, "Who are those people going to think of when your listing gets sold and now they're thinking of selling?"  That's right, their going to think of YOU.

If you have questions about how to get an Individual Property Web Site for your listing, just ask your Office Secretary.  It's Fast, It's Easy, and it's No Cost to You.

Single Property Web Sites are another marketing advantage for the agents at Guarantee.

I want you to make it a GRE8 week.

-Donna Waddell-Solis, Director of Marketing