Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way

Last week I had the opportunity to share our advertising direction out at the Fort Washington office. I’ll be at another office this week. I started my presentation with these words, “Lead, Follow or Get Out of The Way!” As a company and as individuals, we will never follow when it comes to creativity or effort. Neither will we get out of the way for our competition, we chose to lead. On that, we will never compromise.

Our Marketing Department has spent a considerable amount of time and resources researching the most effective way to reach our buying and selling population. We have identified the specific demographics related to this group and designed a comprehensive program to reach them. Our current advertising emphasis will generate nearly 12 million impressions on this group over the next four months. This is the most exciting shift in advertising philosophy we have ever done and will have a dramatic impact on our future and the direction of the industry here in the Central Valley.

They say that imitation is the purest form of flattery. If you saw the Fresno Bee on Sunday you would have seen that one of our major competitor’s gave us a huge compliment! Not only did they copy our program wording, they even used our artwork! Not to worry, when you are following the leader, you can never do better than second place.

We are headed in a wonderful direction and I am confident that the course charted is the right one. We all need to learn to adapt to the changing demographic and makeup of our client population as well as how they shop for a home and select a real estate professional. The tools are now in place, let’s take advantage of our position of leadership and meet our customers where they are with the message they need and want to hear.

You will be hearing much more on this as we move forward. Have a wonderful week and feel free to call me anytime. We are all here for your success!