How to Use Tool

Have you ever needed to find an agent who could hold one of your listings open?

Have you ever wanted to hold an open house but didn’t have a listing?

Now there’s a way for Guarantee agents to CONNECT with other Guarantee agents to let them know if:

You have a listing you’d like to have held open.

You’d like to hold someone else’s listing open.

You have a New Listing.

You just had a Price Change.

You have a Buyer with a Special Need.

You have a business related “Have or Need

Now you can do all of this and more, on

The first time you visit the site, you’ll want to


The register link can be found on the right side of the message board next to "login".

After you hit "register" hit the "I agree to these terms" button.

Username: Please use your first and last name or your first initial and last name. This is so we can verify that you work for Guarantee. You want to make it easy to others who read your messages to know who you are.

E-mail address: We need your email address so you can receive notifications like Private Messages or to be notified if someone replied to your message (more on this later)

Password: We do not keep your password on file. Make sure it is something that you can remember. If you do forget your password on the Login page there is a "Forgot my password" link. There you can enter your username and email address and you will receive a temporary password that you can later change.

Time Zone: Make sure you set the time zone to UTC-8 Pacific Standard Time so you can see the accurate times on the message board.

Confirmation of Registration: Sorry you have to type in the funky letters but that was added for security so we can make sure a spam program doesn't log onto our site.


Once you have registered you can select the category that best describes what you want to post. Choose from:





Then select "New Topic."

Use the Subject Line to write a brief explanation. Then type more detailed information in the message box. Although other agents can post a reply to your message or write a private reply, you may also want to include your phone number in the message box to make communication as easy as possible.


To read a posted message, click on the message title. To reply to that topic in a manner that can be read by anyone, just hit the "Post Reply" button, type your message, and then hit submit.

To respond with a private message, click on the name of the person who made the posting and click on “Send Private Message,” then complete the form.


You will be able to read replies that others have made to your original posting.

If someone has sent you a private message, an e-mail is sent to you. It will arrive from the e-mail address “agentconnect” The Subject line will read, “New Private Message Has Arrived.” You will need to click on a link within the e-mail to read the private message.


Your message will be posted for 7 days and then will automatically be deleted.

Once your “Need” has been met, for example: another agent volunteers to hold your listing open; return to your original posting and click on “Edit” and change your Subject Line to give an update, example: “Already found someone to hold this listing open.”


If you have been a member of an online message board before you may be familiar with this format and you will feel right at home. We are using the same technology that runs hundreds of thousands of message boards around the world.

Keep in mind these message boards are only for Guarantee agents, loan officers, and employees. Please do not encourage people from other companies to register because their accounts will be deleted.

"Guarantee Agent Connect" is only for real estate business needs and does not have a social feature. If you do want to socialize online with other Guarantee agents please check out our group/message board found on Facebook.