Facebook's New Privacy Settings in light of Google's Indexing

I have been asked by several Realtors, "What should I do about the new Privacy settings on Facebook now that they are google-able?"

My answer, "It depends on what you want to have show up about you"

This video shows you how to change the settings, but once you learn how . . . the question is still, "What should I allow Everyone to view vs. Only My Friends?"

My answer, "Do you want your prospective clients, past clients, center of influence, etc. to be able to find you online?"

Obviously, I think that answer is yes. So, consider making some of these items viewable by "Everyone":
You can find these under: Privacy Settings > Profile Information

About Me
Education and Work

You can find these under: Privacy Settings > Contact Information
Mobile Phone

You can find this under: Privacy Settings > Search
Allow Public Search Results

That should do it. This should allow your basic contact information & a little bit of an online resume to show about you on a highly indexed site - Facebook.

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