New Technology Training begins March 23, 2010

I wrote down several questions that I believe every agent must consider as the influence of technology rapidly changes: our marketing efforts & the way we communicate with clients.

  1. How are you marketing to your Center of Influence database? mail? email?

  2. Are you marketing to your center of influence regularly? What’s that cost you?

  3. Are you effectively marketing to your clients during the client life cycle?

  4. Are you differentiating yourself online as the neighborhood expert? Or are you a secret agent – only discoverable on floor time, at open houses or maybe with the RRT lead?

  5. Where is your audience?

    1. facebook? did u know it’s against facebook policy to use your personal profile page for business?

    2. Search engines? is your audience searching with hyper local keywords that never result in anything by you or about you?

  6. Are you competing for today’s keywords, or are you still trying to get on page 1 of Fresno home search?


  • marketing & spending next to nothing

  • using more technology in your marketing, but not spending a lot of time on it

  • not just learning about the concept but being shown how to do it step by step

I want to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from Guarantee’s Tech Academy.

For those agents who want to move into 21st century real estate, Andy Nazaroff will take you there. The necessary tools and resources to navigate through the new and varied ways to acquire and sustain business relationships are illustrated and explained. We are in a new cyber world and if you do not move forward you are left behind. Andy ensures that we are not only in the game, but ahead of the pack. Personally, I have learned how to implement relevant social media marketing.   Sure I had an account on Facebook, but Andy showed me how to transform it into a productive marketing tool. I have learned to be “hyper-local” with a fan page and photo blog. I have learned how to take advantage of email enhancements and smart phone applications. By the end of the course I will be able to coordinate all my new found skills into a cohesive and relevant business plan.

Thank you so much Andy for a great class and thank you Guarantee for offering us the opportunity.

Susan Gates, REALTOR at Palm and Shaw

“Andy’s teaching and training in the Tech Academy classes is GREAT! Each session is so content rich, you’ll be glad if you can implement 50% of what was discussed. His dedication and devotion to each of us, his students, is evident by all the extra time outside of class he puts in to make sure we’re getting all our questions answered.
Don’t take these courses if you want to be behind the technology curve, which seems to be accelerating as we speak.”

Shannon Mar, Realtor

I have been asked to put down a few thoughts about my experience with the Guarantee Tech Academy.  I am currently nearing the end of my 12 weeks; I think this is week 10. Anyone who attends these classes will have their eyes opened to a whole new world of marketing potential.  The class is so current that the teacher, Andy Nazaroff, has had his eyes opened to new things even as he has taught the classes.  He sometimes comes to class and shares with us about things he has just learned about that are amazing even to him.

He has taught me a great deal about the different avenues of eMarketing and there is so much information I couldn’t begin to share it all with you.  When I started I was capable at email, I had a website, and I was adept at using the MLS to find, send and furnish listings and property profiles to my clients.  I thought I was doing really well.  I even liked CalRedd, but we won’t go there.

In the Tech Academy I have learned how to use many more tools available online to market both myself, my listings, and to better serve my clients.  These include using things like Facebook, Twitter, and photo-bloging to make myself appear to the people I know, those I am hoping to meet, and to the various search engines as a local expert in my local area on a variety of subjects.  I have learned how to take a picture with my cell phone and post it online complete with comments within minutes of seeing a notable subject.  That makes me appear to be an expert on that particular subject just because I noticed and took advantage of the opportunity.  10 weeks ago I had no idea I could do that, not did I understand the benefits of doing it.  Andy is a great teacher, and he makes everything relevant to what you do on a daily basis.

I would highly recommend the class to anyone looking to get a sharper edge on the new world in which they now live.

Gary Gipson, REALTOR

Tech Academy beings March 23, 2010 – a Tuesday at 1:00.

The class is 12 weeks long & is $300, payable as $100 per month for 3 months.

For more details & to signup email