advanced real estate training for Guarantee agents

Sales Training - On Demand

Whether you are looking for a quick refresher on handling pricing objections with a seller, you want to catch a real estate seminar from the comfort of your easy chair, or you want to watch a role play of actual agents demonstrating different aspects of our job - we have the video library for you. Over 100 videos and support materials online, on demand, anytime, anywhere. Our partner, David Knox intros our Sales Training library in this video.


Business Strategy Coaching

so you’re no longer a new agent, now what? Our Business Strategy Coaching program is designed to help you take your business to the next level. We teach you the scripts, dialogues, and systems of the most successful experienced agents in the country. We will take your transactional & income goals for the year & dissect them into daily activities so you can work smarter, not harder. This 12 week program is the foundation for your real estate career’s success. We will show you how to create a profitable, duplicatable business that doesn’t happen by accident.

Technology Academy

 many experienced agents languish over all of the options that are available to them in technology training. Guarantee’s Technology Academy was designed just for this purpose. This program explains all of the technology that a real estate agent should & shouldn’t consider making a part of their business plan. Instead of spending countless hours & dollars on researching & trying out new technology on your own, our Technology Academy shows you how.

Weekly Sales Meetings

 the real estate market changes rapidly. From government intervention to new sales strategies and interest rates, we constantly update our agents at productive, motivational, weekly sales meetings at each of our offices. Consider being a guest at one of our offices!

Video Updates

when changes happen that need to be announced quickly, fanning out to our multiple offices and updating over 450 agents is no easy task. We use modern technology to publish short video updates for our agents. Everyone of our offices is equipped with projectors, large screens & sound that we incorporate into our sales meetings to keep them fresh, relevant, and often humorous.