Facebook Marketing Academy

You may have heard about our Tech Academy. We are going to break up the Technology Academy into smaller bites that you can apply in your business. Our first version of this is Facebook Marketing Academy.
Facebook is the social network where everyone is at. Facebook actually beats Google as the most visited site in the United States!
Facebook is about networking, engagement, connecting & community.

This 4 session class will focus on creating & building your Facebook presence. You will leave each class with hands on experience HOW TO do the assignment. We will not fly through the topic. We want you to be able to do the activity . . . not just hear a tech savvy agent whiz through a power point presentation.
We will cover:
  • how to build your center of influence business in Facebook

  • how to upload photos & create relevant conversations from them

  • how to promote yourself as a REALTOR without being pushy

  • how to keep your personal stuff PRIVATE & your business PUBLIC

  • how to find people who are talking about buying or selling real estate on facebook

  • how to engage & connect your friends

  • how to create a relevant Facebook real estate business page

  • how to advertise & promote yourself on Facebook

  • how to use Facebook to drive business to your real estate website

  • October 2010 - we will meet every Tuesday at 1:00 - 2:30

    Class cost is $100
    first class is October 5th, 2010 so don't delay - email andy@guarantee.com now