There are several ways that Guarantee helps their agents grow their business. Some traditional – some advanced – some technological.
Floor Time – by California law, certain questions by home buyers & sellers can only be answered by Licensed Real Estate Agents. This creates an opportunity for our agents to assist and create lead opportunities for their business. At most companies, this lead generation source is poor, but with Guarantee’s large listing inventory, Floor Time can be fruitful.

Website Leads – Guarantee’s award winning website has more home buyers & sellers than any other brokers website in Central California. This significant web traffic produces lead opportunities for our agents. At Guarantee, we forward those leads directly to our agents on the Rapid Response Team to help grow their business.

Open Houses – Guarantee’s experienced agents often have multiple listings in their  inventory. Many times, our new agents can hold these open for them with no strings attached. If they get buyer leads, the new agent keeps them. In addition, Guarantee advertises our open houses for the agents so they don’t have to!
Sales Training – Guarantee provides a significant amount of sales training to help our agents develop their own business. Our Quick Start classes, Business Strategy Coaching program, and Sales Training Video Archive are great resources for agents to learn how to prospect & market for even more business.