guarantee agents go door to door with the local story

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REALTOR's at Guarantee Real Estate are fanning out into the community to share the real facts about our Fresno marketplace.

In late August 2010, many national news sources cited that the national real estate economy was struggling to recover. National statistics included a 12 month supply of inventory and an assessment that housing may no longer be a good way to build wealth by the New York Times. Even our local paper quoted a national news article from the Associated Press that said July 2010 was the worst performing month in 15 years.
The fact is, real estate is local. The Central Valley of California was one of the first markets to go into the recession and we are one of the first markets to come out.

Month Supply of Inventory in the Fresno area is normal - between 3 & 4 months, much better than the 12 months nationally.

July of 2010 was the 4th best July in the last decade in Central California, much better than the worst in 15 years nationally.

Guarantee Real Estate provided their agents, at no expense, full color newsletters & statistics to hand out to neighbors and mail to their friends and family. In addition, many of Guarantee's agents are going door to door with these marketing pieces.

Their message - plain and simple - the local housing prices have stabilized.