Guarantee provides a marketing muscle for their agents

Guarantee Real Estate Agents Faye Wearin, Kerry Matsunaga, and Vivian Swiney talk about their experience with the tools Guarantee provides them to sell more homes, be more efficient, and make more money.


Guarantee Real Estate agents can offer a laundry list of marketing programs for a seller. Sellers already see Guarantee Real Estate for sale signs everywhere! On top of a great brand recognition, sellers learn that their Guarantee agent will advertise their home in the major newspaper, the Real Estate Showcase magazine, advertise the open houses in the newspaper and web, create an individual property website specific to their home, and put it on the Central Valley's most trafficked real estate website -

The best part - this doesn't cost the Guarantee agent anything extra! You see - Guarantee provides all of this property centric marketing for every agent on every property at no extra cost to the agent. Whether that agent takes 1 listing a month or 10 listings that month - no extra cost. Whether that agent wants to hold one open house, or an open house every weekend - no extra cost.

Is it time you discovered what Guarantee's marketing muscle can do for you? We can talk about it, confidentially. Call Andy Nazaroff directly at 559-892-2864 or fill out this form to email him.