Real Estate technology working for you

Guarantee puts the right amount of technology to work for YOU to bring maximum exposure to your sellers, the best home search tools to your buyers, and the latest & most effective use of technology for your business.
Your job as a Real Estate Agent, is mobile. From showing houses, listing property, signing offers, and racing to your next appointment . . .you are every where! We believe you should have access to your real estate business every where you are too. allows every agent to have access to everything they need in their business - email, calendar, transaction files, marketing documents, zipforms, mls, and more. To view more about our virtual office platform for every agent at Guarantee - go here.

Guarantee Mobile

Guarantee brings the latest in mobile phone technology to buyers with no strings attached to our agents. This application is compatible on nearly every device & carrier. It allows a buyer to search every home for sale from their cell phone & has tools enhanced for use with smart phones that have GPS enabled. Buyers can search by map, school district, or just drive through a neighborhood with GPS enabled and find every home for sale in their criteria from their device. Here’s a video that shows how it works.

Our main website has earned numerous People’s Choice Awards for the Best Website. While that may make us feel good, what should make you feel good is our traffic. In 2009 we have averaged over 65,000 unique visitors per month to our site. That’s a lot of eyeballs looking at real estate. When these buyers turn into inquiries, clients can contact their Guarantee Agent, or if they aren’t working with a Guarantee Agent we forward them to one. It’s your business! We want to help you grow it.

We know that hyper-local searches are the name of the game in this competitive, key word rich internet world. We have developed a site that allows our agents to post to this blog and develop keyword rich content for the millions of hyper-local searches taking place everyday. This is the next era of geographic farming. Instead of developing your own blog site with your own maintenance & development issues, we do it for you!
And more . . .
This is only a sample of the external efforts we have to help you get more business. Internally, we have technology working for you everywhere you look. From the basics in corporate email, business telephones, voicemail, high speed scanners, fax machines, and color laser printers all the way to training and support for transaction management platforms, a custom broker wide zipforms account, well informed computer support, free wifi, and video business cards. We can help you!