Facebook Dont's for REALTOR's

Guarantee Real Estate's Flex Office in the Fig Garden Village hosted their Monthly Meetup and discussed the topic of what REALTOR's should and shouldn't be doing on Facebook. Here are the items that made the top of the list.

1. Do not post listings - This is the number one don’t for Realtors on Facebook. Reading about your listings on Facebook is the last thing people (REALTOR's included) want to do when they read the news feed or your wall. In fact, conducting business on your personal profile is a violation of Facebook’s Terms & Conditions and could get your personal profile removed. Instead, post relevant news about Real Estate to the news feed such as new laws or information about the current market.

2. Do not bad mouth other companies - This can really go along the lines of “don’t bad mouth anyone on Facebook” because it reflects poorly on you as the poster of the message. Negative messages give a negative connotation to the poster and if you are constantly posting negative comments people are going to get tired of reading what you are saying. Instead, stay positive and post positive comments.

3. Do not Spam - This almost goes without saying and follows under the first in the list of not posting listings. No one likes Spam of any kind, so if you want your posts to be read and you want to be respected in online social communities then don’t Spam. Everything in moderation.

4. Do not be Boring - Be creative with your posts because there is a flood of information being posted on Facebook everyday and if you want your posts to be read then provide something creative and of value to the reader. For example, instead of posting a listing, post a picture or video of the listing that stands out about it. Maybe it has a beautiful kitchen or an amazing back yard, take a picture or video of it and post that to Facebook. You are indirectly promoting your listing, being creative, and providing something interesting and of value.

5. Do not post inappropriate comments - I think this goes without saying, but if you are going to use Facebook, especially for business networking purposes, do not post anything that could be taken offensively. Stay away from profanity and other inappropriate comments. The most common offenses of this aren’t as obvious. For example: Religion, Politics, Racism, Etc. If you post things that are offensive you are more than likely going to get hidden, or worse yet - blocked.